Performance at its purest.

PRONATIV® native whey protein offers unrivaled purity, potency and taste. For protein powder and functional food manufacturers who want higher quality products. And for fitness-lovers who want higher quality performance. PRONATIV gives you protein in its purest form.


The less you do to protein, the more it does for you.

PRONATIV is a higher-quality, less processed form of protein that contains greater amounts of leucine – the dominant amino acid for muscle-building – along with a completely neutral flavor profile. This means PRONATIV works faster, tastes better and goes easier on the stomach than traditional whey proteins.

Zero Artificial Ingredients

No GMOs, antibiotics, gluten or nuts. Just protein in its purest form, filtered from only one ingredient: milk. But not just any milk. Milk that’s ethically-sourced from dairy farms hand-picked for their high-quality farming practices and commitment to never using artificial growth hormones.

Fast Absorbing

Our cold filtration ensures PRONATIV retains higher protein and leucine content with the least amount of processing. All while preserving the natural properties that enable the human body to quickly and easily absorb PRONATIV’s full nutritional value.

Flavor Neutral

It’s not just about feeling good, it’s about tasting good too. PRONATIV’s neutral profile gives manufacturers a more flexible template and more flavor options to play with. Because better-tasting protein means better-tasting powders, beverages and food.

Start with nature's purest building material.

Consumers want functional foods and beverages that help them feel better and perform better – all in a package that tastes better. This means products free of fillers like extra carbs, extra sugars and indigestible protein. And full of the purest, most effective building material nature has to offer: PRONATIV native whey protein.

Clinically Proven Results

How does PRONATIV stack up?

We compared 15 grams of raw PRONATIV protein to other protein sources. Why 15 grams? With PRONATIV, that’s all people need to activate muscle protein synthesis (see our F.A.Q for more details). Other proteins don’t contain the same levels of essential nutrients and bioavailable leucine, requiring consumers to take more to compensate.

Commercialized PRONATIV protein

18g portion | 15g protein | 0.5g carbs | 0g fat | 65Kcal

Process: Cold filtration
Chemical agents: No
9 Essential amino acids: Complete
Protein quality: Preserved

Our Story

PRONATIV Native Whey Protein by Lactalis Ingredients.

Groupe Lactalis started in 1933 in the heart of France’s dairy regions, Brittany and Normandy. Today, Lactalis leads the way in cheese manufacturing and has become one of the worldwide leaders in dairy ingredients. Always striving to exceed customer expectations, we take great pride in producing the very best dairy products.

Milk Collection

Producing pure, potent and delicious PRONATIV native whey protein starts with high-quality, farm-fresh milk. It’s our only ingredient. That’s why we source our milk from dairy farms carefully selected for their exceptional and ethical farming practices.

Extraction Process

Using our unique cold filtration technology, we’re able to extract PRONATIV directly from milk with minimal processing. This preserves the whole protein, allowing us to deliver the most complete, raw, and nutritious form of protein available anywhere.

End Product

The end result of our production process is PRONATIV, the purest protein available. Our process not only preserves the protein’s natural structure for a higher quality of protein per serving, but it also ensures that PRONATIV has none of the added ingredients, chemical agents, high level of contaminants, and cheese residues commonly found in other protein products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pure changes everything.

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