How can PRONATIV® Protein Water make a difference?


The age of a more educated society. The dawn of a new era where customers want clean-labelling and real ingredients, creating opportunities for innovation in the sport/protein beverage category.

After exercising do you really want a sickly sweet or heavy shake that’s loaded with extra carbs, sugars, and artificial ingredients? Are you dreaming about a convenient ready-to-drink protein beverage which is hydrating, refreshing, and uses clean ingredients that you can trust?

What about saving time and the dreaded messiness of having to mix your own shake?

You asked.

We delivered.

Introducing Protein Water, a final solution (prototype) to all your protein conundrums! This light, refreshing water allows you to hydrate while avoiding heavy and creamy shakes with extra carbs, sugars, and artificial ingredients.

Protein water, fuelled by PRONATIV®, was brought to life by one global united team: Marketing & Business development teams from the USA, Lactalis Application managers, and R&D in France.

Use expertise from the Lactalis Ingredients team to support your innovation platforms and bring refreshing concepts to life!

Thanks to its neutral taste (free of any dairy notes) and clinically proven health benefits, with PRONATIV®, the protein world can expand its offerings to unlimited possibilities. PRONATIV® can be used in clear ready-to-drink applications, creating memorable moments with beautiful and complex flavours that can transport us with a single sip. Craving a trip to far away exotic lands? We can help. What about a calm refreshing zephyr in your stuffy office? Look no further!

With flavours like pear pomegranate, lemon lime, orange mango, and hibiscus passion fruit, you can cover all of your cravings!

PRONATIV® 100% pure protein, is a great opportunity to bring CLEAR ready-to-drink simple concepts making a difference in the cluttered world of the protein and beverage industries.

Discover more insights from this great article by Scott Dicker from SPINS.

Be bold, be brave, and keep moving forward with PRONATIV®