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Benefits of Native Whey Protein Isolate vs. Other Protein Supplements

Whether you’ve been taking protein supplements for the last decade, or you’re just now starting to test new products, you should understand the ingredients you’re ingesting before you purchase. In the health and nutrition world, native whey protein isolate is often referred to as the “best protein,” but what exactly is it and why is it considered the best?

In simplest terms, native whey protein is protein in its purest form. This means it’s full of macro and micronutrients your body needs to be efficient, without the stuff that slows you down. It’s proven to promote muscle protein synthesis, maintain your muscle mass, and give you an energy boost before a workout or during an active day. Native whey protein even helps your muscles recover and feel less sore after a workout. 

But before you go out and buy a new container of protein powder, ready-to-drink shake, or protein energy bar, you should take some time to fully understand all the benefits of native whey protein isolate.

It’s pure. 

Native whey protein gets a good rep largely because it’s all natural, which means it can come from grass-fed, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free milk, which is farm fresh and French origin sourced. Since PRONATIV is 95% pure protein, it holds the natural properties that enable your body to quickly and easily absorb every nutrient. It’s also important to note other protein powders are typically 80-90% pure protein. 

One single ingredient: farm-fresh milk.

PRONATIV and other native whey proteins have no by-products or unnecessary ingredients. Because of this, your body can take in all the necessary macro and micronutrients without the “bad stuff” getting in the way. You won’t have to worry about production or cheese residues, or the added chemicals, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, fats, carbs, and sugars.  

Unique and minimally-processed cold-filtration technology.

You’re probably wondering how we’re able to remove all the extra by-products while keeping a nutrient-dense protein. That’s where our cold-filtration technology comes in. When the milk is cold-filtered, the full protein is preserved because hot temperatures and chemical reactions with acid extractions and other added ingredients aren’t ruining it. This filter also removes fat, lactose, and bacteria, which prevents bloating and allows you to digest native whey supplements much easier. 


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A naturally better amino acid profile, including Leucine. 

Now that you know which components are being left out, you should know which nutrients make native whey protein so powerful. Due to PRONATIV’s high bioavailability, it has all the right amino acids that create a complete protein. This allows your body to quickly absorb all the benefits. 

One of those amino acids is Leucine, a protein building block that triggers and supports muscle protein synthesis and is easily absorbed by your body. When you work out, your supply of Leucine is depleted, so it’s important to replenish this nutrient. And PRONATIV contains up to 17% more Leucine compared to some traditional whey protein supplements.

It has a neutral flavor profile.

Let’s face it, some protein supplements taste like protein supplements. But because PRONATIV is free of artificial ingredients and cheese residues, our powder dissolves clear with no discernible aftertaste. It blends well with dairy and refreshing fruity concepts. This means you can add it to any recipe without altering the taste. 

Comes from local, family-owned farms with safe and healthy animals.

When you use PRONATIV, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our ingredients are responsibly sourced. Our staff members work closely with farmers to ensure cows are safe and our practices respect the environment. These small farms feed cows natural grass and other necessary dietary supplementation that’s locally sourced and grown. 

Our proximity to these farms is also important. Most plant proteins are grown in North America, sent to China, and shipped back to the United States. But our family farms that source the safe, healthy cows are also conducting the filtration process, which means PRONATIV is always fresh. 


Understand All The Benefits Of PRONATIV Native Whey Protein

Since our native whey protein is an ingredient, it can be incorporated into any ready-to-eat and ready-to-drink concepts. It’s also nutrient-dense and clinically proven to help achieve optimal protein synthesis. For more information, check out our latest clinical study.

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