PRONATIV® Orange Julius Smoothie

Original Pronativ recipe by Chef Ava Flava

Do you love the citrusy sweetness of an orange creamsicle? If so, you’ll love an original Pronativ® Orange Julius Smoothie that’s packed with native whey protein. It’s the perfect drink for a busy day under the sun, or a post-workout sweet snack. Just add some Pronativ powder to three simple ingredients and you’ll have your new favorite smoothie. 


½ cup Pronativ protein powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 cup vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt

3 cups orange juice


Put liquids in the bottom of the blender first to help the blades spin. Add protein powder and ice cream and blend until smooth. Garnish with thinly sliced oranges on the rim of your smoothie glass. This recipe serves two.

How does PRONATIV work?

We believe real ingredients taste better. And they’re better for your body. That’s why we make PRONATIV with one single ingredient: native whey protein, cold-filtered from farm-fresh milk.

It’s free of additives, production residues, artificial ingredients, antibiotics, and GMOs. And best of all, there’s no discernible aftertaste, which means you can add it to any recipe without sacrificing deliciousness.

Compared to other proteins, PRONATIV is clinically proven to help build your muscle fibers in less time after training. Our native whey protein also has a very high absorption rate, giving your body what it needs to recover from a workout.

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