How Pronativ®, a Muscle Recovery Protein, Impacts Muscle Protein Synthesis

After an intense period of physical activity, most active people reach for the nearest muscle recovery protein product. This protein is critical for optimizing movement performance, enhancing recovery, or helping to offset muscle loss often caused by aging. But what some athletes and active people don’t know is that native whey protein is more efficient for optimal protein synthesis. What does that mean? You need less of it to get the best results.

In fact, only 15g of Pronativ® native whey protein is needed to stimulate mitochondrial and myosin protein synthesis after training. This is a low dosage compared to 30g of caseins that are needed to stimulate only the myosin muscular protein synthesis.

To further understand the benefits of Pronativ, we’ve broken down how our native whey protein compares to others.

How adjusting leucine levels can affect muscle protein synthesis.

If we talk about protein synthesis, leucine is an important amino acid to consider. But the leucine content isn’t the only thing that matters. According to studies, a lower intake of leucine from a more digestible native whey protein results in a higher rate of muscle protein synthesis, compared to less-digestible caseins with a greater intake of leucine. The same studies also found that adding free L-leucine is less effective than having a protein enriched in leucine.

How Pronativ positively impacts muscle recovery over caseins.

Native whey supplementation, like Pronativ, can optimize recovery and improve muscle performance over a certain period of time by promoting a positive protein net balance. In healthy, active men who’ve performed resistance training, native whey supplementation helps to preserve muscle power during an endurance test compared to the consumption of caseins or maltodextrins (the most common forms of protein in ready-to-drink protein beverages or milky-based protein recovery shakes) (Babault, 2014).

How Pronativ positively impacts muscle recovery over traditional whey protein.

For people who choose traditional whey protein as their go-to supplement, they might wonder how Pronativ compares in terms of effectiveness. People who consumed 15g of Pronativ native whey protein 5x a week for 12 weeks, experienced a faster recovery process initiation compared to whey protein isolate (Garcia-Vicencio et al., 2018). After taking the standard whey supplement, people needed 48 hours to recover the exercise-induced loss of concentric muscle power. But when people took Pronativ, they only needed 30 mins until the recovery process began.

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How Pronativ positively impacts muscle protein synthesis and overall quality of life.

Our latest technical paper Pronativ® | The New Standard for Protein Ingredients features over a dozen studies from worldwide experts. The scientific data explores the different ways in which nutrient-rich protein products can improve the quality of life of athletes and active lifestyle consumers, and how native whey protein can be incorporated into the food matrix.

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