How Smaller Protein Intake Can Improve Quality of Life for Healthy, Active People

For the healthy population in developed countries, overconsumption of proteins is a public health issue. It’s important to understand proper protein intake so that active people consume essential amino acids without excess – especially because a consumption of protein above the recommended amount might have some deleterious metabolic consequences.

Whether consumers are looking to lose weight, improve their performance, or have limited food and resources to meet daily protein requirements, our experts have looked at the ideal timing intake and serving size for athletes and people who live active lifestyles.

Timing of protein ingestion.

According to clinical studies, a minimum of 12g of Pronativ is necessary to optimize MPS after training for both elderly and active, healthy people. The window of intake is highly important – it has to be within 30 minutes after training. Other functional ingredients might also be added if you wish to improve other important outcomes in these two populations.

Optimizing protein synthesis and muscle function.

In a recent randomized clinical trial conducted by INSEP in France, 12 well-trained male rugby players performed a sequence of 3 simulated matches, interspersed with 2 hours of recovery. They performed the same protocol for 3 consecutive weekends with a different beverage consumed each time. The drinks tested were either a placebo (water), a carbohydrate drink (80g of carbohydrates) or an iso-energetic carbohydrate-protein drink (20g of Pronativ® and 60g of carbohydrates).

This study, performed in the ecological conditions of a rugby seven tournament, suggests that consuming a recovery drink composed of native whey protein and carbohydrates, compared to water and carbohydrates only, helps maintain physical performance throughout the tournament and lowers muscular markers damages.

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How Pronativ positively impacts muscle protein synthesis and overall quality of life.

Our latest technical paper Pronativ® | The New Standard for Protein Ingredients features over a dozen studies from worldwide experts. The scientific data explores the different ways in which nutrient-rich protein products can improve the quality of life of athletes and active lifestyle consumers, and how native whey protein can be incorporated into the food matrix.

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