Native Whey

PRONATIV® Native Whey Protein: Your Daily Delicacy

PRONATIV is a different kind of protein. You’ve found us, so you already know that. By delivering an important cell component in its whole, natural form, we’re providing a protein that’s pure, potent, and delicious.

That’s a PRONATIV promise—but you still might be asking yourself, “Why do I need protein?” or “Why do I need to care about the protein quality?”

The quick answer? For a healthy lifestyle, one that’s full of exercise, achievement and enjoying free time in the most fulfilling way possible. The longer answer is more complex. After all, we’re each made up of proteins, found throughout everyone’s body in different percentages. This means the component is vital for all of us and can help us pursue whatever direction we choose. Not everyone needs the same quantity or quality of protein throughout the day. So why wouldn’t you want to focus on what matters most? It’s what we do with PRONATIV.

What are your goals? What’s your daily schedule, and where do you need to improve to become the best version of yourself? Do you struggle to find the time to prepare a balanced meal/ snack?  This is where the essential role of protein comes into play, and can act as a game-changer in your day-to-day operation. High-quality protein products can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle while fueling your body with high-quality nutrients.

Ready to set the scene? Here’s a breakdown of how protein can help you.


If you don’t fuel your body with the proper source of protein after exercising, you wouldn’t have optimized your workout. Whether through a daily dose of cardio or concentrated strength training, you need energy, as well as the ability to strengthen bones and muscles.

Why do you need this energy? When you workout, your muscles are breaking down, and your body needs to transform and adapt to rebuild itself after training. Protein is essential for this rebuilding, and the pure form of PRONATIV can enhance its impact.

Filtered from milk, sourced directly from dairy farms, our fast-absorbing native whey protein helps your body to maximize its recovery. With only 15 grams of PRONATIV, native whey protein, you can kick off your recovery process within 30 minutes versus 24 hours with other proteins (see clinical study). Such popular, fat-burning activities as long-distance running or spinning—as well as work with exercise equipment or free weights—benefit from the body properly utilizing its sources of protein. With PRONATIV, this source is improved and proven to help you speed up the initiation of your recovery process.


Protein’s role in providing energy is certainly beneficial for any physically taxing activity. But what about in the comparative calm of the workplace? Just because you’re not lifting and loading doesn’t mean you don’t need body and brain fuel to complete the demands of the day. PRONATIV is naturally rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid supporting brain activities. Even without physically strenuous activities, your body consumes energy. You can replenish that energy in different forms – carbs, fat, protein, etc. But it’s important to get a balance for the right nutrition!

Protein—whether in breakfast foods and healthy snacks like yogurt or oatmeal or as part of a long-range daily diet—helps support both, leading to a healthier, more productive you. Does this mean ingesting proper helpings could lead to your next promotion? It couldn’t hurt!


Leisurely activities. A sound evening of sleep. Healthy hair and skin to show off at social events. Delicious cookies to bring to your friend’s potluck. Protein can help with all these things. With a great tasting, clean, and delicious flavor PRONATIV takes things a step further, offering protein uninhibited by GMOs, gluten, artificial growth hormones, or chemical agents to allow you to enjoy these endeavors or attributes during your cherished free time.  Think about that next time you’re making sure you have the proper balance of fuel (protein, carbs, and fat)  for wherever you like to spend your “me” time.

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